why ejpeg? make your ideas stick!

Make clear to your customers what's in it for them, while building your identity with ideas that work. In need of creative ideas & designs to boost your (client's) brand? Feel free to contact me. Thnx for having a look at my (Evert Jan Boon's) freelance portfolio!


Maduro & Curiel's Bank, BSure, Kooyman, SFT Bank/Vidanova Bank, Onderlingehulp, ENNIA, Antillean Soap Company, Saake-shop.nl, Carmabi, Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean, Aqualectra, Caribbean Filmcom, Factor Plus, Selikor, cfg, EL Grill Restaurant, Celery Payroll, Ministerie van Financiën Curaçao, Ministerie van Justitie Curaçao, Alcolado Glacial, Caribbean Legacy, Travelling Connect, Mambo Beach BLVD, Braintoss.com, Senior’s: The Genuine Curaçao Liqueur, Coca Cola Curaçao, Email Handyman, Uralco, Coastguard Dutch Caribbean, SGR Groep, HBN Law, 360 Marketing Suriname, Murray Advocaten and many more.

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side projects

I'm also co-founder and the designer of the app Braintoss (your thoughts straight into your inbox), And I made two photo books: #Instaflorida and #Instawillemsta.